What is cord blood?

Placenta, Umbilical cord

Cord blood is the blood circulating inside the body of baby, umbilical cord and placenta. Cord blood contains other blood cells and stem cells such as erythrocytes leukocytes, and platelets.

What are stem cells?

The most important feature stem cells can derive of other types of cells.


One stem cells when deriving another cells, it will be split into two cells. Among these dividing cells, one will continue to maintain a same form of the original cells, and the other will change into another cell. In other words, stem cell division will also give birth to a 'body (stem cells)' and 'change into other cells.' That stem cells can be changed to the heart, liver, kidney, muscle, nerve, bone, blood, organs and parts of the skin and so on.

Various stem cells that cord blood stem cells contain

There are variety different kinds of umbilical cord blood stem cells. Production of blood 'hematopoietic stem cells.' The formation of nerve 'neural stem cells.' The formation of bone, fat, muscle, skin, etc. 'mesenchymal stem cells' and so on. We can say that except blood diseases, cord stem cells likely to provide effective treatment of various diseases.

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