Frequently Asked Questions

What are stem cells?

Simply speaking, the cells that build body organs and tissues.

How many stem cell therapy stem cells will be injected?

About 6 million or so. It will be increase above 1 billion cells in your body after injected. This is different from ES cells extracted from the fertilized eggs, as there is no problem on the ethical, and effective treatment can be carried out safely.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells transplantation only need to be done once to see the effect?

It only needs to be done once. It take 3 to 6 months for the stem cells to successfully transplant and survive in the body.

Please tell me the actual treatment process.

Treatment of human umbilical cord blood stem cell extraction is now in clinical trials. If institutions received legal permission from ethics committee, transplantation can legally be carried out. First, the customer is required to check HLA genotype, and check HLA type. 4 out of 6 kinds need to match. The check extracts from samples collected from buccal and there will be no pain. (Results will be informed in two weeks)
We will depend on the situation of different customers, for a most suitable cord blood stem cells drip injection. No hospitalization required, and the process takes 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

Is there any restrictions on umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy treatments?

Umbilical cord blood stem cell therapy can not treat people already brain dead, or caught in a vegetative state. In addition, rebirth of hands, feet, fingers, teeth also not possible.

What diseases cord blood stem cells therapy are effective on?

From the ethical point of view, as well as cases in Japan's, it is effective on infarction, myocardial infarction, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, angina and spinal cord injury.

Is there any risk of infecting sexually transmitted diseases, HIV or hepatitis virus through umbilical cord blood stem cells therapy?

Before preserving stem cells they will go through rigorous checks. If cord blood stem cells before modulation are found infected, mixed with foreign matters or abnormal, the they will be discarded immediately. The treatment will not cause any infection.

So far, have it ever been any medical malpractice case?

There is no medical malpractice case on cord blood stem cells therapy in Japan so far.

Cord blood stem cells are transplanted into the body, until it successfully adapted and survived, what state will it be in?

Stem cells circulate throughout the body, and started its activities, and occasionally there will be some physical symptoms in the body. These are due to the changes and differentiation brought by stem cells to improve the physical condition and aging, customers do no need worry. Specific symptoms, is susceptible to drowsiness, tiredness and body heat. It happens in about one week after transplantation and these symptoms are quite common. After about three to six weeks, stem cells completely successful adapted and survived, then you will experience the physical condition has greatly improved comparing to the past.

After receiving cord blood stem cells treatment, would it like after receiving the treatment of placenta and cannot donate blood?

In case of Japan, same as after receiving treatment of placenta, blood donation is not allowed after receiving cord blood stem cells transplantation.

Will transplantation increase loading to theheart? Would it result in the phenomenon of aging in some parts of the body? For example, grey hair .....

Basically wherever blood circulates, the cells are proliferating, so grey hair will not increase after the transplantation. Under this principle, in fact, the heart will become healthier. In addition, wrinkles, pigmentation, dull skin and obesity also significantly improved. Just 100 to 180 days, cell proliferation will be able to return to the level of 15 years ago.

Is there any side effects?

This therapy has no side effects. It has been no adverse effects on the application leukemia treatment, so part of the treatment is included in the Japanese insurance coverage. Anti-aging therapies using cord blood stem cells, however, is not eligible for insurance claim insurance and need to be self-pay.

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